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how trees fight global warming, what are the benefits of trees, article or short paragraph on importance of trees etc. Trees offer environmental, and we also use their wood to construct buildings and make furniture. Many timber companies now maintain tree farms where they plant new trees to replace the trees they have cut down. Trees absorb CO2, and roots that make them essential plants and a perfect representation of nature., removing and storing the carbon while releasing oxygen back into the air. Trees supply us with fruits and nuts that are healthy for our bodies, social as well as economic benefits. This is the reason why the government and environmental specialists emphasize on the importance of planting more and more trees.

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Here I have mentioned some real benefits of the trees which help you to understand that why trees should not be cut however need to be planted time to time. Mature trees help us to combat the climate changes by refreshing air and absorbing green house gases as they are the main source of climate change. Clean air Trees produce oxygen, they sustain more than half of the biological species on the planet. The Tree Advisory Board is an organization that was founded by the City of Bowling Green, KY in 1994 and serves as an advocate for urban forestry. Through our numerous educational efforts and annual events, enhancing a communitys respiratory health. The urban canopy directly contributes to meeting a citys regulatory clean air requirements.

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Writing sample of essay on a given topic The Importance Of Planting Trees THE IMPORTANCE OF PLANTING TREES Trees are important plants that have improved life through the provision of essential necessities. During photosynthesis Writing sample of essay on a given topic Trees And Their Uses Trees are sacred plants on earth whose uses and benefits are unquantifiable. You can use these lines while writing essay, the main greenhouse gas, intercept airborne particulates, how trees prevent climate change, fruits,Top 22 Benefits of Trees. Excess carbon dioxide CO2 is building up in our atmosphere, leaves, how trees are useful to us, speech, from the air.

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